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    Inverted Moulds Acrylic Nails with Real Blue Sapphire

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    In this video we are using a real Blue Sapphire and embedding it within the acrylic nail created using Inverted Moulds.

    The final pictures in the video show a Diamond, a Rose, Pink, Yellow Sapphire, a green tsavolite and a red ruby on the thumb. All these stones are set in serling silver. The cost of this one hand is over £100 in jewels alone!

    All jewels are certificated with a gemmological number that prove their authenticity

    TEGISA stones will be available to buy direct through the training website very soon.

    Prices start from around £20 with the black Diamond (not shown in the video) priced at £25.00

    All jewels are reusable and can be used many times.