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    Oliver Black on Meds


    by medicineagency

    Oliver Black is a Bay Area based-artist who paints canvases in all shapes and sizes. With his signature style, he brings to life a unique breed of characters, creating a world where it is not uncommon to see diaper-adorned birds playing the banjo or cults of crowned fish dancing. Often describing himself as ‘a reclusive, self-taught scribbler,’ there’s no denying the inner humor and oddity within Oliver that can’t help but to transcend itself onto his colorful canvases. With a relentless eye for detail and a preternatural sense of symmetry, Oliver invites viewers to get lost in his complex yet accessible oeuvre. Olver will be showing a series of paintings at Medicine Agency in the show titled, My Better Half. This collection on display and for sale has something for everyone on October 2nd. Directed by Sean Desmond