RAMMSTEIN - EL SONIDITO (das kleine ton)

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por pako

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En un afán de contribuir con el folklor mexicano Rammstein entra a la globalización con este magnífico cover. Rammstein in a continue effort to improve their globalization skills makes this cover for a mexican group, it's a joke, it's parody but is definitely fun

3 comentarios

the song i listen with "BANDA MS" and the songs name is "EL SONIDITO" the traduction is something like "The Small Sound"
Por arvillegas hace 4 años
I'm glad you like it man, the song is titled "El sonidito" and the group is called "Hechiceros Band", if you look for it in Ares you may find it.
Por pako hace 5 años
Excellent dude !!!
I love Rammstein but this video is definitely fun as you said.
Could you tell me who's this Mexican band & the name of the song too ??? :D
Por mat2rue79 hace 5 años