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    【Miku Miku Dance】八幡さまへ


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    八幡さま(hachiman sama)=八幡神(Hachiman shin、Yahata no kami、Yawata no kami)
    The Hachiman god is a god believed in Japanese original.
    It is originally thought that it was a god of the indigenous belief.
    It is a god of the blacksmith or there is a theory though it is assumed the god in the farming god or the sea, too.
    It was called Hachiman-Daibosatu in the age when Shintoism and the Buddhism were educated at the same time.
    The Shinto shrine where the Yahata god is enshrined is called a Yahata Shinto shrine (or Hachiman-guu、Wakamiya-Jinja).
    The number is said 10000 and 20000 to the Japanese whole country.
    If the Shinto shrine is classified with Temple, the Shinto shrine classified into the Yahata belief has 7817 in Japan.