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    Ridding People of Physical Deformities, a Charity

    Jim Mutter

    by Jim Mutter

    We hear on the news that there are a lot of bad things happening always but I tell you there is an element of hope which since we started this foundation, just you see the good in everybody. You just need to have a tool to bring that out and it's exciting, it's actually refreshing to see that.

    "Honestly I can tell you, There is nothing more beautiful in this world than to be able to give back." - Kami Parsa, MD

    "This is what I do, it's what I'm specialized to do, it is exactly why I became a surgeon." - Jay Calvert, MD

    "We're going to help people out who otherwise would not have the opportunity to get this king of care." - Andrew Ordon, MD

    Imagine not being able to live your life in any way, shape or form that we know... because of a deformity.

    These are everyday people that are living their lives and they want to somehow just fit socially and LIVE LIFE... To its fullest potential. 310.562.3631