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    Salisbury Tutoring Academy of Winston-Salem


    by tutoringfranchise



    The education of the new generation is critical to the nation’s prosperity long-term. A tight coordination between parents, teachers and students should be a no-brainer, but it is still often only an abstract concept in too many schools. This is a shame. At the same time the global world keeps moving forward and information and knowledge are available at your fingertips. Now it is not anymore about the access to knowledge, but about applying it. The educational system that will figure out a way how to teach how to connect the dots effectively and apply the knowledge, will guarantee the nation’s competitive advantage for the decades and centuries to come…Coordination between teachers, parents and students will become even more critical.
    By OlgSW23435 years ago
    I have known Beatrice Hair for decades. I have watched her face challenges and overcome obstacles to find success as a teacher, entrepreneur and role model. Now she has presented her concrete model for helping children find success. As a parent of two teenagers, I know that her focus on the positive is the right one. Her approach respects the student, encourages productive effort, and bolsters the student’s efforts with the support needed. It works and it works peacefully! Beatrice’s personal optimism and belief in the power of each student to achieve great things has brought greatness to her business and to her students.
    By ParentofTeens5 years ago
    Mrs. Hair lays out a straightforward means of supporting students’ academic successes with her three-legged-table (H3LT) that has the potential for transforming the way a child learns throughout life. Oftentimes we see the “bigger-picture” results that we desire from a plan of action but are unable to bridge the distance from start to finish.
    By FS84845 years ago