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    Wael Jassar - Ghariba Elnas


    by kashkool

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    How strange are the people and how strange is this world!
    The most wonderful people change on me.
    They neither have feelings or cherish any memories.
    I've had enough and I'm out of here.

    If I transgressed.... (I don't know this translation),
    goodness,Is this the way things should happen?
    This is not the way life should be.

    Many years I live and long to find any pain
    I neither blink nor (don't know these words)

    I was patient for years in your worries that were prior to your joy.
    I forgave you and prayed that God forgive you.
    Why should I blame you, it makes no difference. it is what it is.
    What would be the purpose? Fine it's my fault.

    You think that I will forget but I will not forget this misery.