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    The Arctic waters have started to freeze (around 2 and one half weeks ago) about two weeks earlier than usual.

    The extent of sea ice in the Arctic at the end of this summer (2009) was 25% greater than the same time last year; which itself was almost 30% higher than that at the end of summer figure in 2007.

    Except for unusual (but not unknown) water currents which has increased some sea temperatures (but not all) the Arctic has been cooling for the last 6 years plus.


    The Antarctic has been cooling almost ever since the "Global Cooling Scare" of the 1960s to 1970s. This rate of cooling has been a little greater during the past 12 years.

    Global Cooling would be MUCH more serious (if it ever took place) than Global Warming to a moderate degree.

    Low temperatures in winter in North America kill 600,000 people (mainly the old and the very young) each year and 260,000 in Europe each year

    By 40churchroad6 years ago