Pecca Pics!
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Claude is a cute, young, slightly butch, skateboarding
teenager who has a thing for her messed-up best
friend, Ellen. Ellen however has a thing for an asshole
homophobe. Enter Luke, a self-assured gay musician,
who encourages Claude to actually explore her feelings
and perceptions of herself and the world that she lives
Claude's life is falling apart as those around her
continue to destroy themselves in an orgy of drug
abuse that eventually leads to murder. Thanking Luke's
advice, she finds her way to the local lesbian bar
where she meets Lucy, a cute punkish girl playing in
an all girl band. But is this the lifestyle that Claude
really wants?
A cult lesbian arthouse film packed with attitude and a top soundtrack.

ON DVD December 7th

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Super video Merci ..! .. ..
By lovelygirl2050 4 years ago