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As we head into the deepest recession since the 14th century, a new report published today by the Mutual Agony Foundation reveals an unprecedented level of cooperation between employers and staff in solving financial, and personal, problems together. The recent situation at BA where almost 7,000 workers agreed to participate in the company’s ‘work for free’ initiative is just one example of the solidarity workers are showing employers. Now BA has announced it will build upon its success and merge with Honda to form a new super company known as Bonding plc. But how have these breakthroughs been achieved? Our WORLDbytes reporters were granted exclusive access to film a ‘town hall’ staff meeting at the newly formed recession-proof, super company to find out.


(part 2 of comment) Higher ups make ridiculous and ambiguous ‘sacrifices’ to keep up appearance and appease the workers . But even if they mess up, they still have their safe nets of disgustingly high ‘compensation’ money that could have made a huge different in the lives of a multitude of employees’ lives. Higher ups, stop pretending and find a real solution.
By StefanieZett 5 years ago
Sharing the pain? Yeah, right. What is being proposed sounds more like distributing it like some sort of heroic martyr deed to undertake by the average employee. It’s being sold by company CEOs as a communal burden, as getting through the crisis together. Of course, the fact that they never talked about sharing joy in form of additional income during good times, makes this thoroughly hypocritical. What weighs down even heavier, though, is the notion of equality between higher ups and normal workers that the companies spread. It’s a plain lie. It’s an insult thrown right in the face of employees, who are being thought of as gullible enough to believe it, or simply as unable to defend themselves. Blackmail? It certainly plays its part underneath all those layers of protected imbalances. An average employee is easily fired in such time, in fact, quite a number is! And, hey, certainly it’s not the company’s fault – times are tough after all (Irony alarm).
By StefanieZett 5 years ago