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    East Of The Sun - Bill Coones Larry Adair


    by rcoones

    This is a nice romantic Standard from the past. It has something todays tunes dont have. Journey to the moon and mars. Larry Adair Teaches Guitar in Portland Oregon.

    Larry Adair II : Camera

    "Tom Coakley had a popular, California-based dance band. In 1934 they were playing the Rose Room at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, recording and being featured on live radio broadcasts. As a result they did a coast-to-coast tour in 1935, the year they recorded East of the Sun. In January, 1936, they returned to San Francisco and an engagement at the Hotel St. Francis.

    Bandleader Hal Kemp recorded Bowmans Love and a Dime and Will Love Find a Way? for Brunswick Records in 1934. Although it appears he didnt record East of the Sun, references abound in print and on the internet that he did. A listing of Brunswick releases of Kemps band from 1934-1936 shows only the two titles.

    Probably the most famous pre-World War II recording was by trombonist Tommy Dorseys Orchestra in April, 1940, featuring his new vocalist, Frank Sinatra. Based along the lines of Dorseys earlier successes with Marie and Who, the recording features a call-and-response vocal between Sinatra and the band. A high point on the record is a marvelous trumpet solo by Bunny Berigan.

    Its likely Brooks Bowman came up with the title from a Norwegian fairy tale where a prince and his step-mother live east of the sun and west of the moon. The tunes lyrics have a fairy tale quality, beginning with the seldom-performed verse: I wish that we could live up in the sky, to live among the stars, the moon, just you and I. In the chorus the couple will live in a lovely way, on love and pale moonlight. The tune is a romantic ballad that continues to find favor with vocalists and instrumentalists alike."