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    Server Failover Online backup services Increasing in popula


    by bluesky16

    When we compare the cost of our backup solutions, we often make the mistake of looking at the monthly costs that are involved. We fail to take into account the hidden costs of tape backup, which tend to accumulate over the years. In addition to the costs of tapes, there are the hardware costs, the storage costs, and the labour costs which often escape our notice. Also, even when we take all the precautions, the success rate of restoring data is only 50%. All these factors combined make a strong case for using online backup services over take storage of valuable data.

    There are several reputed providers of online backup services which are making their presence felt in recent years. With so many players, the costs of these services have also come down quite significantly over the years. Many a times, these are delivered as subscription services, where backups are carried out automatically, without the users needing to interv