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    BNSF #1025 W/ a CN Trailing

    Chase Millsap

    by Chase Millsap

    After the 3 Amtraks have come & gone, we now move into some freight action and BNSF is coming around the corner, but stopped for a few minutes either to get yard access or something that made him stop for no reason. I wouldn't think because of the Amtraks, especially since they aren't high piority. But he is highballing and this is BNSF #1025 leading a nice lashup w/ one of those units being a CN B40-8M trailing.

    BNSF #1025 C44-9W
    BNSF #5028 C44-9W
    CN #2431 B40-8M
    BNSF #7279 ES44DC
    BNSF #5040 C44-9W
    BNSF #2892 GP39M(Ex. BN)
    BNSF #2741 GP39E(Ex. BN)
    BNSF #2959 GP39-2(Ex. ATSF)
    Filmed 8/21/09