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    Dolphin Experience iPhone Apps Game Review


    by quickhitzlab

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    Dolphin Experience contains fully animated realistically vivid environments. It boasts highly intuitive real-time controls that allow you to immerse yourself in your very own Dolphin Experience. Our award winning designers pushed the limits of the iPhone by incorporating highly polished graphical elements and animations, as well as touch, flick, and motion controls.

    Who doesnt want to have their very own pet dolphins with which to play, feed, pet, and interact with on a daily basis? The dynamic water, lighting, and environmental effects alone will make you drool, but we didnt stop there. What would all of this eye candy be without intelligent, personally interactive pets that can perform over 18 different tricks including, retrieving a ball and playing with it amongst themselves, jumping through hoops (literally), catching and tracking fish that are thrown to them, and even bullying sharks that enter their territory.