So At Last It Comes To This Owen Fallon and his Californians


by Lou

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So At Last It Comes To This Owen Fallon and his Californians on Perfect 15712-B


That's Jacob Pincus Perelmuth all right - Jack "Pinky" Pearl or Jan Peerce - take your pick. He recorded several sides for ARC and Crown with Berger, who led the band at the Hotel Astor. By the end of 1932 he had put the band biz behind him as staff soloist at the new Radio City Music Hall, under the name John Pierce. He soon changed the spelling as he didn't want to pretend to Anglo-Saxon heritage!You've probably found it by now Phred, but the Crown side you mention is on YouTube.
By RatPfink 4 years ago
Fred,thanks a lot for trying.I give you A+ for trying
By Lou 6 years ago
When I looked it up in Rust's book I immediately remember being there before,probably when I picked up a copy of this record. The vocalist is listed as "Pinky Pearl" obviously not his real name. on the ledgers it refers to Jack Berger (vocalist or band leader? No info given) When I looked up Jack Berger he recorded a session in Sept 1932 for Crown with a Jan Peirce vocal listed on the recording of "Something In The Night" as by "Jack Pearl" I no longer have this Crown so I can't make a comparison. It may mean nothing at all but that's all the information I could find.
By phred001 6 years ago
Fred,I'll be waiting.I have confidence in you digging out the answer.Don't know who this good vocalist is????
By Lou 6 years ago
This is most likely a studio recording. Not only is Elmer missing so is Freddy. Also there is a tuba present and I don't believe Freddy ever used one. I'll do some more checking
By phred001 6 years ago
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