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vor 9 Jahren834 views

Christin Bonins method of Belt voice training was not only practiced and developed for her own use but through explanation and precise exercises she has made it easily understandable for others.
Contrary to many other musical and pop singer trainers who offer techniques without classical background training, song exercises and demonstrations without any explanation as to how the sounds are actually made, Christin Bonin has modern voice-tone techniques that are made understandable and reachable for all singers.
This exercise book with training-CD is especially suitable for the singer of a modern repertoire, who is looking for a well-established technique that, when used properly, will strengthen the voice and at the same time protect it.
Belting does not want to endanger the classical voice.
Belting and Belcanto are not opposites that exclude each other!
Belting simply means, singing with a Belting Voice.
Lets belt out!

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