Silent Scream

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Girl is trapped alive in a grave. Short Horror Film


Thanks for your comments. This video is one of the top entries to CUT! Short Horror Film competition launched by Zone Horror. It was shown in Lecester Square Odeon during Frightfest 2006. This year's competition is still open. To submit your own video go to:
Silent Scream is standalone short film and not part of a feature.
By Horror Channel 5 years ago
I didn't breath for a short time while watching this. This is really cool short horror film. Is this part of another big film? Really Woah!
By MMA Pound for Pound 5 years ago
That was very impressive. Just out of curiousity, what was it filmed on? I'm just asking because a number of shots looked very much like they were filmed on old 8mm or 16mm film (less grainy than those, but the contrast and colours looked right for those film formats). If it wasn't filmed on either of these, how did you get that look?

Very good film by the way! The use of music was very creepy and startling (it was in reverse, am I right?)
By jk273 5 years ago