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    Extract 1 from the 2008 stage production of THE FIRST TO GO


    by ScabsNabs

    Nazi Germany.
    A Sanatorium for the Disabled
    Heide, Helmut and Siegfried are inmates who while away the hours, taking it turns to tell the horrifying story of the Bad Man and his band of Demon Doctors who want to kill all disabled people.


    Cerrie Burnell - BRUNHILDE
    Alan Clay - Helmut
    Nick Field - Goebbels / Stauffenberg / Dr. Gottfried Gegner
    Catherine Gillard - Dr. Eva Dreck / Else / Nina von Stauffenberg
    Kenny Harvey - Dr. Karl Spottgeburt / Dr. Brandt / Treskow
    Robyn Hunt - Heide
    Rod Matthew - Dr. Todt / Fritz / Hitler / Sauerbruch
    Nabil Shaban - Siegfried

    Peter Clerke - Director
    Designer - Gordon Davidson
    Tim Brinkhurst - Musical Director
    Christine Ross - Costume Designer
    Paul Sorley - LX Designer
    Davy O'Neil - Production Manager
    Jo Kennedy - Stage Manager

    Thanks to Mark Thompson, Artistic Director of the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh for believing and supporting the theatre project.
    Also thanks to the Scottish Arts Council.