Two Main Causes of Eating Disorders

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The two main causes of eating disorders are fashion and culture. In other words, without fashion or culture, the pressure to be thin would not be so pervasive in modern society. For many years, fashion models have been as thin as possible, and people who weren’t underweight (by health standards) were considered to be “too fat” to be models. If you just focused on the world of modeling, you would see the intense pressure to be thin taking its toll.

However, this has affected more than just models. Modern culture as a whole is constantly barraged with images of very thin women, and girls who see those models and view them as ideals of beauty are conditioned to think they are supposed to look like that. Then, once men are conditioned to see fashion models as ideals of beauty, they start to think that girls they date should look that thin too. Because of this, society’s views on weight have gotten skewed, and even normal girls at a normal weig