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    The Wounded - 18 Carat Dust


    por shadomak

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    Song taken from the album 'Atlantic'

    I am disposable, I know.
    About the way I look, how laughable, I know.
    But what I really am you will never ever know,
    Who I really am I will never ever show.
    What I am my friend that's what I choose to be.

    You say I'm stupid, but stupidity is bliss.
    That only the things I know are all I'm gonna miss.
    The ones I for are all I want to know.
    You can put your jokes on me, that's all you ever see.
    I'm glad that I'm the one for your self-confidence to grow.

    Anyway we are heading to the same.
    You will end in a grave, like I will to.
    You will end in dust my friend, the same dust that I am.
    And when you end in time, how laughable I am.
    When we end in time how laughable we are.
    When we end in time how hilarious we'll be.