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    Another Tomorrow


    by Microcinema

    "Another Tomorrow" is EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED by Microcinema DVD. To order this DVD and/or other Microcinema titles, go to: Synopsis: This exhibition is an attempt by the Neue Galerie Graz to provide a key outline of an important segment of its extensive video collection. The young–and very youngest–positions in Austrian video art have been brought together here in an exemplary summation of the work now being done in the field. This has found clear expression in very recent times through various strategies for dealing with the visual. While the exhibition “Another Tomorrow” makes formal reference to both TV (monitor presentation) and cinema (with projections on a large scale), the individual positions extend far beyond this limiting framework in being committed to the “post medium” condition. Please check out and join Microcinema on other social networking sites: Facebook: MySpace: Youtube: Twitter: