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    Tin Toy Wind Up Space Planet Mechanical Robot #MS384


    by tintoy-biz

    Replica Tin Toy Wind Up Space Planet Mechanical Robot #MS384. This is a brand new made Tin Toy with wind up walking motion of the arms and legs. Size is 10.5 x 6.5 x 22cm

    What is Tin Toy??
    Tin toy is great gift to granny as it is an old fashion toy. Although it can be for a child, adults will appreciate these items far more, and so adults are the ones whom these toys are really for. They are no impact-proof, wear resisting items like the modern plastic toys; instead they are made of metal sheet, and operate by a delicate wind up mechanism. Just as some of us might remember them from our childhood, these items don't stand up too well to use and abuse, and better belong to the display case, where they serve as reminder of our childhood.