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    Blood Work! "True Blood" video blog 2.12: Always bridesmaids


    by campbloodbuzz

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    °o° yeaouuh thank you very much for it.
    By eaesicafiteie5 years ago
    Dylan Manning
    So I love your Vlog like no other, its amazing! I just had some comments about what y'all said and thought i'd share.I just started reading Living Dead in Dallas and don't know if any of this ties in or not but here i go.
    a) Sophia is very old, Lafayette makes a comment in the beginning about how he has 1,000 year old vampire blood in him (Eric's). And since Sophia is much older than Eric maybe the fact that she is having Eric peddle her blood may have to do with that fact that it has more potency because she is so old...just a thought
    b)Charlaine Harris made a cameo in Merlottes! I'm pretty sure Sam got her a shot of Jack Daniels...
    C) Not have finished reading Living Dead in Dallas, I don't know, BUT I think it was good to have Eggs die since in the beginning it was the three all together--Maryanne, the cook, and eggs. So its like it really is over...or so we think. But i thought it was a very good decision for them to kill of Eggs.
    Thanks for Everythin!
    By Dylan Manning6 years ago