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    SOUL TRAIN #631


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    Why put it up if it's not the whole show!
    ユーザー名 WilCee8 年前
    Steven S.
    I think that this was the most exciting time on Soul Train! Of course I was born in 1983 so I grew up every single Saturday watching this show. I miss it soo much! Anyone have any recordings? please let me know
    ユーザー名 Steven S.8 年前
    the seventies are way better!
    ユーザー名 tomboi-18 年前
    Dj Cool Rod
    1990 showt out!!!
    ユーザー名 Dj Cool Rod9 年前
    Dj Cool Rod
    i miss does day's
    ユーザー名 Dj Cool Rod9 年前