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    Magic Card Trick Revealed - Easy Card Illusion


    by freemagiclive

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    the 3 cards always end up the 15th, the 31st and 46th. The reason it works is because unknown to anyone who doesn't watch everything like a hawk, no matter where you cut the deck, you're placing the person's cards ontop of the pile of 15. This happens every time, hence why if you do it right, it doesn't fail. By cutting the deck, you're placing the illusion that they're screwing you up, but really the only card that matters goes on top of that pile. Say you cut 7 of the 15, that leaves 8 under the card placed ontop. When you take taht pile and place it on the pile before it, the set of 7 and 8 cards are put together again, making a space of 15.
    By Asnom6 years ago