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    Peter Weibel, Rewriter


    by Microcinema

    This video archive with accompanying essays traces internationally-renowned media and conceptual artist Peter Weibel's artistic developments from his beginnings through 1979. Weibel started out in 1964 as a visual poet, and was soon transferring the structures of the visual culture from the page to the screen, while still retaining the model of language as one of perception. Later, he developed a critical impulse that turned not only against art but also against society and the media itself. This specific development from the page via the screen to gallery space -- all happening as early as the 1960s -- anticipated many of the trends that were later to be described as conceptual art, context art, institutional criticism, and intervention. With an accompanying booklet featuring contributions by Boris Groys, Günther Holler-Schuster, Aaron Levy, Osvaldo Romberg, and Christa Steinle.