Banned condom commercial

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poor morals
By chicstylus 5 years ago
Get a sense of humor jerkoffs
By thejmpr76 6 years ago
Firstly, this isn't a real commercial, they just said that to get attention. And seriously, you can see by the video quality, it doesn't look like a commercial film, it looks like someone recorded it with a digital camcorder/hand camcorder. Secondly, it still is shit and not funny. This is just fan made, but not funny either way.
By Jagjeet 6 years ago
Revolting commercial, rightly banned. But to suggest that this represents the 'poor cultural attitude of the west' is ludicrous. How does one tasteless commercial get to represent a hemisphere? This was banned precisely because it would have been found offensive and objectionable by its intended audience.
By Smollet 6 years ago
poor cultural attitude of the west is properly shown here... they all have no rights to be fathers..


would they imagine that their fathers also have cried like this when they hold u in their hand
By sinhalaking 6 years ago
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