Story of Mehdi,18Y Iranian man raped by Islamic Republic thu


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With English Subtitle
Story of Mehdi, A young Iranian man raped by Islamic Republic thugs
On August 21st, Mehdi tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrist. He lost a lot of blood. Mehdi was suffering from sever depression after his horrific abuse by Islamic Republics jails.
He was taken to and saved in the hospital in the last minute. He is recovering at home
Weblog of Mr. Daad : http://babakdad.blogspot.com/2009/08/...
++ Translation text:
Reporter: I am glad you are ok so we can talk to you.
Daad: Thank you and greetings to all.Yes, I am in Iran though hiding from agents of the self-claimed representative of Imam Mahdi, who can not stand the slightest voice of opposition.
I want to talk about a few cases that happened in the Kahrizak Camp under the watch of Revolutionary Guard.
The chose our happy and strong willed kids for freedom and raped them repeatedly to steal their will for perusing freedom.

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