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    The Career Guarantee: Take Control of Your Future!


    by dwjtelevision

    Christopher Kuselias, founder and CEO of Career T.E.A.M., shares his unique formula for career success in his new book, The Career Guarantee: Take Control of Your Future! Considered among the nation’s most respected experts in the area of personal achievement, Chris doesn’t focus on helping people find jobs – rather he zooms in on helping them find the unique and compelling contributions they can make for a “career calling” that creates happiness, recognition and financial security. “When you truly enjoy what you do, work feels like play,” writes Chris. “I have spent my life researching and analyzing the process of career happiness and I am delighted to have this opportunity to share what I’ve learned through this new book.” Chris believes passionately that individuals need to take a proactive role in designing and managing their careers, and “The Career Guarantee” takes them through the process in a strategic way that goes above and beyond creating the perfect resume and mastering the art of the interview. Chris’s 5 P’s -- The new formula for success: Passion...Purpose...Power...Profit... Peace of Mind. “Eighty percent of the process of obtaining your true calling is mastering your own psychology,” Chris writes, “What makes you unique? What do you want to do? What is holding you back? Who are you really?” The book, divided into 10 easy to follow chapters with practical exercises and real-life examples, helps readers answer these questions – and more – in a fun and interesting format. Among other issues, Chris puts to rest the notion that there is still job security. “It’s a thing of the past, in large part because of technology and the global economy.” But he is a fervent optimist, too. “With all the inventions, mergers, innovations and opportunities in this new global economy, anyone willing to explore their true motivations can find a career they love.” Integral to the approach recommended in The Career Guarantee is the need for career seekers to create their own personal “brand” they ...