Killers had life too



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R.I.P. Eric & Dylan

6 komentarzy

this made me cry :(
Przez NeVeRfOrGeT4-20-99 2 lata temu
How quick the years pass.
Przez bathtownship 3 lata temu
Seriously PPL... What 17/ 18 Year Old Boy Doesent Like Guns???
Przez RebDomain1996 4 lata temu
Media give that pitures that was 2 alone boys who just walk in school and kill the bullys enemey!! But it was 2 boys who hade friends just walk to school and kill so maney possible, that was very sick!!!
Przez Edelstrom 4 lata temu
Nice Song And cool Dudes To Go With It..
Przez RebDomain1996 4 lata temu

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Killers had life too