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    9/11 Anniversary Smashlivlism: "ex"-CIA Robert Steele ...

    Nico Haupt

    by Nico Haupt

    9/11 Anniversary Smashlivlism: "ex"-CIA Robert Steele confronted *again by Nico Haupt aka ewing2001 aka nicomedy2010 [St. Mark's Church 09/13/09] Heckling Robert Steele almost every 2 years at the NYC Hacker Conference "H2K", for manipulating that scene with flawed informations, *this time Steele responded by threatening him with the Cops and INS. Steele avoided immediately to talk with Haupt about electronic defense space industry in Europe/Kazachstan, then walked away. The confromtation occured Sunday Afternoon, at the 9/11 Truthling Truther "Demand Transparency"- Conference ( and finished up, as planned, a 8 year 'career' of ewing2001's street- and digital- activism, hecklivism, tagjack viralism and mashlivism on "9/11 Defense Research". Haupt will only continue as a [bioni]comedian named nicomedy2010 and pushing his greencard Issue further on. PS: Steele always claimed he's formerly with the CIA, but at the end he might have slipped the opposite. Also ironically while escaping from Haupt, some theatre street group in the backyward yelled at the same time something about the "Government support", "U.S. Congress" and that they "need some help", which was pure coincidence of timing ; -) see also Robert Steele archive files at ; c-)*"The 9/11 Gay Club"*(- [Dj 'greencard now' 9/11 Anniversary MIxxx ; ] ; 9/11 Anniversary Link Compilation [by ewing2001] ; 9/11 Comedian Nico Haupt aka nicomedy2010 aka ewing2001 dragged out by 15 Untruthers from NYC-Cooper Union event