Heroin, The Velvet Underground- Music Video


by a2p

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I have always loved the song heroin by the velvet underground. it's one of those view songs that connects with me in a way beyond the way i connect with most of my music. It's both uplifting and depressing- calming and nerve-racking it never failed to generate a series of emotions within me. I decided to capture what I felt in the only way I know how- Film. I Filmed this at my house within about a hour. Editing took a little longer. Please comment both criticism and praise will be appreciated. Just remember no one forced you to watch it so don't be a douchebag. I hope you enjoy it and if you didn't please tell me why! this is my first music video.


Its pretty cool n nice, i like the trippy approach ;)
By Sushil U 4 years ago
I really enjoyed your film. It captures a lot of different emotions. The house seems so empty and cold. The items left around the house, newspapers, mail, dirty dishes imply that life does exist there, but you aren't a part of it. You wander around the house as if it is your first time there. You live there, yet the location seems foreign. Your facial expressions and the lack of expression on your face give an authenticity to the experience of shooting up. It is an excellent representation of suburbia and your obvious sense of disconnection. The other residents have gone about their daily routines, but you have been left behind. Perhaps it's a school day, but you have stayed at home today, not wanting to face that. I would love to see your other work.
By John Wood 4 years ago