Seven Short Films About Stones HQ

David Cairns
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When some people read this script, I have no doubt that they will think I'm being flippant, that I'm using Scripture as punchline. While I am the first to admit that my primary purpose for writing this piece is to show a little humour in Christianity, as I wrote it I was struck by a new purpose. The hope that people will be intrigued by this piece and seek out what the Bible really says. More than simply portraying Scripture, it is my hope to provoke an interest in scripture, so that people may find it as rich and fascinating as I do.

The style of this piece was very much inspired by the US comedy series 'Robot Chicken.' While this piece is live action rather than stop motion animation, the same feel of quick gags and fast paced cutting it involved. Each 'short film' is fairly isolated from the others and each can have a unique visual style.

Winner of both the Best Script and People's Choice Silver Sparkys at the Ignite Film Festival 2008. Please visit