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    Beau - "Hold My Peanuts"

    Beau / John Trevor

    by Beau / John Trevor

    This song has quite a history. In fact, it’s a true “lost work” (some might say it should have stayed that way!)

    I wrote "Hold My Peanuts" in the mid-’90s and demoed it solely for registration purposes. Then something happened - I don't know what or why - but both the recording and the lyric sheet went missing.

    Several years back, I remembered the song's existence and looked everywhere for it but couldn't find it; then, shortly before Christmas 2008, I found both the lyric and the MiniDisc demo in amongst a bunch of totally unrelated papers in the loft.

    So enjoy! It's a subtle little thing. You don't get quality like this all the time…

    One footnote: last December I circulated the song amongst a select group of friends – just as a small Christmas present and a way of saying “thanks” for their support.

    In February, I heard "Hold My Peanuts" was being sung in an Adelaide folk club – no doubt after a few tinnies! That’s the way with folk music…