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    EXIT Stage Left Episode Two: The Table Read (Act I)

    Sinohui  Hinojosa

    by Sinohui Hinojosa

    The Table Read tells the story of the first day that the actors (along with Ronny Simons, the director) get to read the entire play aloud. Told in three Acts, Act I gives us the chance to meet Courtney Nguyen the lascivious set-dresser/wardrobe mistress, the actors Charlie Aparicio & Ava Wagner, plus the young stage manager of the Lowry Theater Company, Jill Baynor.

    Will Ronny find a way to handle the Pulitzer prize-winning playwright, without going crazy? Will Ava be forced to eat sushi at the end of a measuring tape? Will Charlie finally make it to Broadway, find out, on this episode of EXIT Stage Left.