Marcella & the Forget Me Nots "What Have You Done..."

Alex de Campi

by Alex de Campi

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Tres bien .. .... ,
By loveelybabi775 years ago
One of the videos featuring my friend, Tina, who is now dying from silicon poisoning as a consequence of plastic surgery to her titled "Licking the Virgin"
By ScabsNabs6 years ago
My former girlfriend, a victim of a terrible fire when she was just 12 days old, had to undergo extensive facial reconstructive surgery, had silicon implants put in her face in the early 1980s by a maverick plastic surgeon...which since 1993 caused her terrible illnesses and contamination. The effects of silicon are destroying her, and she is suffering "multiple sclerosis" type symptoms. It is no laughing matter. Silicon implants are killing her, and the British National Health Service refuses to treat her, and thousands of other women like her, because the medical establishment will not accept that silicon is harmful. If any should be singing this song, it should be my friend, Tina. You can see her in some of my videos.
By ScabsNabs6 years ago
By mino_love6 years ago
disgusting, its suck!!
By heidi_peter6 years ago