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    Find Your Trading Comfort Zone and Step Outside It presented


    by freesolutionfinders

    Most of us love the familiar. It's that soothing feeling of security and calm. When you feel comfort without a sense of impending risk, you are in your comfort zone. Your trading success depends on your ability to find that balance between organized chaos and confidence in what you do. Many thriving traders believe that you must step outside your comfort zone and feel a bit of anxiety to become truly successful.

    By definition, a comfort zone represents that set of behaviors that a person will engage in without becoming anxious. Comfort zones are individual things; your personality, in fact, can be described by your comfort zone. Highly successful traders may routinely step outside their comfort zones, to take risks and accomplish what they wish. To step outside their comfort zone, seasoned traders often experiment with new and different behaviors or activities, and then experience the new and different responses