UFO Filmed over Arizona

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If it was a Chinese lantern they would have drifted apart. To keep them together they would not only need to be attached to strings but they would also need some kind of lift to keep them airborne with that much string attached.The light being given off would also not be able to be seen from that distance on a video camera.To think that we are alone in this universe is just ridiculous.Think about how big the universe is and tell me that we are the only intelligent life in it.People like rev667 are very closed minded and refuse to step back and see the bigger picture.
Par sufficewithin il y a 4 ans

Par rev667 il y a 5 ans
Yes these are real. I have experienced contact with them. I have nothing to sell, no gimics. My google blog is at http://ufochick.blogspot.com/ pics of scars, a ship and the story.
Par UFOchick il y a 5 ans
Critical Thinker, I agree with you that 911 was concocted, but not to instill a general fear. Its purpose was very specific--to get the US to fight Israel's enemies for them. But the notion that the government is using UFOs to instill fear doesn't hold water. The government has gone out of its way ever since the Condon report to debunk or ignore the issue. Remember, Hynek was originally hired by the government to debunk. So was Klass. Who knows how many professional debunkers are out there whose paychecks are courtesy of the taxpayer. Also, where you say "What they do share is to keep YOU and everyone else fearful..." I don't know where you get that "YOU" from, but I have never had any fear of UFOs, and I don't know anyone who does. Likewise, flu shots would only make me fearful if I actually got one.
Par yuefo il y a 5 ans
yuefo (and i think i just got the phonic meaning of your username...lol), i wasnt really rebutting you, just trying to say what critical thinker says in his last post, but wanted to cite some sources for the ideas, they give a lot more info that I could ever write here in a comments section. The Jim Marrs' book really made sense tying together alot of areas/interests I have been compelled to know about /study since I was a kid, ancient civs, cosmology, ufo/et, parapsych, bio/genetics, gnostic religion, secret societies, etc. The book is great because it goes back to our human beginnings and up thru present government and religion.
As to the UFO's --really I think some of the sightings are of actual alien craft, some of govt craft.
Par Carriboo9 il y a 5 ans
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