UFO most detailed real footage.

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Sometime after I managed to make first UFO shots, Ive decided to take it seriously on seeking, filming and studying it. In my point of view Ive succeeded as yet none. In any case I havent yet found anything like that. Ive learned how to find places of UFO emerges and developed a method to film it. As a result Ive made amazing video and photo shots in High Definition (what you can see on here is in 1280x720 while source shots are in 1920x1080). Objects flies at incredible speed, there are shots of their entrance into mounting and see. Shots are made in the Mountings and at the Black See seaside. Those are the best in the world real shots of UFO. In my opinion its worth to become word sensation.

There is even more, in some circumstances I can help all interested to come Sochi and make a video acording to my method. You can see for yourself the reality of those objects excistence.
Im ready to discuss any proposals.

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