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    The Daily Struggles of the Predator - The Girl Friend


    by Nashacorey

    Nashacorey films presents the cult classic short films of the Daily Struggles of the Predator. Predator returns with his first dating experience. From another planet and in disguise, the Yautja's (known to us at the Predators) is famous world wide for hunting verious species. But this one Predator is attempting to do what one alien of his kind has yet to do. And that's live the life of a human being. You've seen him internet date, excerise, celebrate christmas (and if your one of the few) seen him do a job interview. But this time he tries to date a beautiful supermodel. But things don't always workout perfect, espcially for a creature of his kind. Aliison Walker and Jeff McRae guest star. Featuring a cameo from Symbiot3Andrawis. And music by John Fogerty and Peter Gabriel. Directed, performed and edited by Corey Roberts.