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    t.A.T.u. - Белый плащик /// White robe


    by krisi

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    [English translation: White Robe] Write comments and rate^_^

    I'm drawing with black paint
    A dumb word on the wall
    This word is not important for me
    This word is not new for you
    It's vain for me
    It's necessary for you
    I'm drawing with black paint
    This drawing is very messy

    Bullet in the heart
    Brain on the door
    Nimb and wings
    We're putting on
    This white robe
    Soul to heaven
    We put it in a box
    We let it go

    Time is 20:10 again
    We're not together now
    You're sitting in the corner and crying
    Maybe you're fooling me
    I enjoy listening to you
    Open only your soul to me
    Thoughts won't be needed here
    The time is 20:20 again