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    David Cairns

    by David Cairns

    Flick is a young woman who has returned to her church after some time away to find that one of her friends, Abby, isn't around any more. Abby, having found no support in the church during some times of questioning and doubt, has gone off into a hedonistic lifestyle. At first she finds it freeing but slowly her new life becomes more and more oppressive. When looking at this piece, there is a temptation to see it as a commentary on the hedonistic lifestyle, casting judgement on Abby's lifestyle. In fact, the intention is directed at the view of the church. There is a great deal of judgement on people who fall away from the church and the sin they then engage in, especially young women. The intention here is to show the church that engagement, forgiveness and understanding is what is needed here, not judgement and incrimination. Winner of the Ignite Film Festival 2009 awards for Best Script and Best Actress (Megan Johnston).