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    Руши feat.Карла - Лъжи ме[Rushi Vidinliev & Karla - Luji me]


    by krisi

    Game again and the day cold
    wasting time, wasting me.
    I keep your picture
    color memory for a lie.
    Without love it bleached.
    Say it with love breathing.
    Now I open eyes
    me want to be you.
    How long so you can keep mum?
    It takes your dreams with meaningless games.
    Please tell even if they are lies
    that I live in you that still believe in us.
    Chorus: / 2x /
    Tell me, tell me.
    Lie to me lie to me.
    Be with me Be with me.
    Lie to me lie to me.
    Watching your face
    keep my world in his hands.
    Of mind scream I love you
    silent in front of you, smiling.
    Go, and back again
    before me raging darkness.
    In sorrow fall asleep tired
    at night they dream to me.
    So how long? I do not want to remain silent.
    I do not want games again, and true dreams.
    Please tell even if they are lies
    I do not believe that I
    no longer believe in us.
    Why are you forced to keep quiet, not silent?
    Why did both so wrong? / 2x