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    Ricky Steamboat vs. Mr.Fuji


    by Stinger1981

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    Randy  Ragsdale
    This was no easy victory for Ricky Steamboat. Fugi gave him a good run for the money
    By Randy Ragsdale6 years ago
    The music would still be effected even if he didn't lose the WWF name as he'd have to pay royalties to the various artists who did those songs.
    By Stinger19816 years ago
    All because Vince McMahon chickened out and gave into the World Wildlife Fund instead of proving he had the WWF name long before those tree-huggers did.
    By theveld6 years ago
    Randy  Ragsdale
    Jesus WWE, YOU'RE KILLING ME WITH THE VOICEOVER MUSIC AND VOICEOVER INTRODUCTIONS. Can't you just retore everything to its original state? It's so annoying watching a WWF show from the 80s listening to music and voiceover introductions that sound out of place.
    By Randy Ragsdale6 years ago