Elementary My Dear Watson: The Man Behind Sherlock Holmes

Mr Reality

by Mr Reality

Gaslights, horse-drawn carriages, a fog-filled London and the rise of the British Empire all bring to mind the period of Jack the Ripper, Queen Victoria and of course the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes. He is without doubt the most famous detective in print and on film. He has been with us for generations and is constantly remade and retold. He became more widely known than his author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and thousands even believe he actually existed as a real man and lived in Baker Street, London. But there is another character in the stories that is often neglected and misunderstood - Dr. Watson. What is the secret of this seemingly unassuming man? Where did the influences used by Doyle come from? Is Watson a mirror to elements of Conan Doyle himself? The contemporary world of Sherlock Holmes was one of great change and hope and yet also filled with war and fear. Did these influences help to form the plots and characters created by Doyle? In this fascinating new film by award-winning filmmaker and best-selling author, Philip Gardiner (gardinersworld.com) and author of numerous books, Brian Allen (brianjallan.com), we unlock the mysteries of Dr. Watson, the man behind Sherlock Holmes.