Can-Am Connection vs. Sika & Kamala

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Can-Am Connection vs. Sika & Kamala, Wrestling Challenge 5/3/87


It's not like you need to have a 5-star announce team for every single match, and plus he had a different guest each week, sometimes it would be George Steele and others it would be Ron Bass. I didn't mind the Sika/Kamala team myself.
By Stinger1981 5 years ago
Monsoon did a great job on commentary as usual, but couldn't they have found somebody better to replace Bobby Heenan while he was away preparing for his debate like Johnny V or Lord Alfred Hayes?
By Randy Ragsdale 5 years ago
Kamala and Sika were a terrible team.
By Randy Ragsdale 5 years ago
I dunno, I think it's ok to have the high-flyers take on a power team in Sika/Kamala.
By Stinger1981 5 years ago about your unorthodox tag-team matches and contrasting styles...........whoever put this together must have been on crack.
By Randy Ragsdale 5 years ago