Blake Part1

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Blake's Seven Blake Part One


Ah the legendary final episode of Blake 7! Now this is the way a dark themed sci-fi show should go out, on top! The bad guys won, the good guys died in a valiant last stand, no win scenario. Makes a refreshing change of pace from the usual politically correct pg-rated endings of most science fiction shows. Truly ahead of its time. Bravo!
By suetek 4 years ago
Ha! Ta. From the Blakes 7 finale to Happy Days-exactly the kind of conversation you'd have to avoid if you were taking Soolin on a date!
"Happy Days? I never had any happy days! I spent my days hunting down the butchers that murdered my family, etc, morbid, etc!"
By Trev 5 years ago
dude memories dude
By Billy mostly harmless 5 years ago
the first season of happy days i remember well i was 15 and enjoyed the first two or three seasons. i think happy days is a good example though 11 seasons for a series about 1 decade???
By Billy mostly harmless 5 years ago
I didn't know any of that but I agree! Apart from the bit about Happy Days of which I remained a fan right through to the end! "Eeey!"
By Trev 5 years ago
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