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    WCW Mona vs Brandi Alexander (First Match)


    par MissDaniGermany

    8 186 vues

    11 commentaires

    Johnny Fountains
    Best Wrestler under Crush
    Par Johnny FountainsL'année dernière
    Iann Taylor
    Par Iann TaylorL'année dernière
    Johnny Fountains
    It's legal for ms. madness 99
    Par Johnny FountainsIl y a 2 ans
    Iann Taylor
    it cant go o on utube because of copywrite infringments. Either that or they think Mona jumping and running about in her barefeet is too exciting for some people !! she was known as miss madness then.. miss barefeet more like !!
    Par Iann TaylorIl y a 2 ans
    Iann Taylor
    YES HER RINGNAME WAS mONA but her real name is Nora Greenwald. More importantly why did she perform in barefeet ?? and did she realise the excitement her barefeet performances caused ??
    Par Iann TaylorIl y a 2 ans
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