Inuyasha Parody Clip 5: INUMAN


by Chris

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Hey everyone! Inuyasha and the gang are back, but this time in a special way! This clip marks the close-by 1 year anniversary of Inuyasha parodies on the (Febuary) 26th (2006)! I had to make one in time, because it'd be wrong if I didn't. Enjoy the movie version of...

Inuyasha- SeiyruRenaih
Kagome- SeiyruRenaih
Miroku- SeiyruRenaih
Sango- SeiyruRenaih
Clicknock- SeiyruRenaih
All the little kiddies- SeiyruRenaih
All the evil baddies- SeiyruRenaih
Kick-you- SeiyruRenaih


"If your blue and you don't know where to go to why don't go where fashion sits, puttin' on the ritz." That's so FUNNY!!
By dude_its_there 6 years ago
lol this is really funny!! nice job!
By takuyaXzoe4evr 7 years ago
But look how fast it can spin!
By MissSlayer 7 years ago
she's spider man!!!
By wowyouragay1 7 years ago
~don't say kagome's boobs are big, don't say kagome's boobs are big~ "Guys Kagome's boobs are big"
"Well of course mate she is japanese School girl"
"Weill still pointing out of the fact indeed her boobs are"
*interup him* "Whatever I'm going to shot stuff with my graint rocket launcher while you fantasise of some fake boobies" I always love that line.
By Lionheart1982 7 years ago
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