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    Dangers of Weight Loss Surgery Abroad


    by NicholsonClinic

    "The price became attractive," says Elaine Hampton, a victim of weight loss surgery abroad. "Unfortunately they are not told the real story that the followup is going to be very difficult for them." says Doctor Nick Nicholson in Plano, Texas. "In general, what people need to realize is that if you go pay cash because your insurance company did not cover weight loss surgery, they not only do not cover the original surgery, they will not cover any of the complications. And that is a terrible problem for the patient when they get back." Elaine goes on to say that she was "throwing up constantly. I couldn't hold even water down." Hours later she was in a Plano hospital having emergency surgery. "You may think you are saving money by going to Mexico, you may have saved five or six thousand dollars, unfortunately that is about one trip to the emergency room," says Dr. Nick. Visit and read our blog at